Multi-Comp Screenshot

There was a time when I worked in an advertising agency and screenshots had to be sent to the copywriters for proofing. It does not sound like a big deal, but when there are 40+ different versions of a single commercial the time it would take to setup screenshots was a bit tedious.  In order to make sure every CTA (Call to Action)  graphic in the commercial could be proofed for the correct information (800 numbers, web  addresses, names, etc.) i built this tool that would take screenshots across all selected compositions.

To use it, you would place the playhead at the time where you want to take your screenshot. Select all the compositions that you want to take a screenshot of and it would send all those frames to the render queue based on a template for rendering. I would then zip all the renders up and send them to proofing, saving me a ton of time and also got the proof readers started a little earlier as well, overall speeding up the production process for the agency.

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