Testing out the Dell R210

The Dell R210

I decided that I wanted to do a step-up from running Linux in a VM or on a laptop. I had multiple projects and utilities that I was wanting to run on a computer that was more dedicated. I decided to pick up a tiny little server which would suit my little projects well.

Setting up the Dell R210 with a LAMP stack in Ubuntu seemed like the quickest and easiest way to get a local server going. That setup is straightforward enough. Though if you do need a tutorial this one is basically what I did on mine: Install Ubuntu Server

Doing an install like this gets you familarized with the nuts and bolts of what goes on to get something like my local WordPress install going. More than a few system files had to be edited to get it all up and running. WordPress being one of the main projects that will be running on my server.

Ubuntu Running in Windows 10

Everything went smooth, except for the monitor unexpectedly dying, or the VGA port on the server getting disabled. No Matter though I was going to primarily login and do changes via ssh in Win 10 Ubuntu local install, which can now be picked up in the Windows store. The Ubuntu install in Windows seems to be doing great for configuring the files, with only a slight bit of lag when I am in a ssh session with the server.

Upon uploading/extracting then after correcting a few permissions errors with WordPress it was good to go and I developed this entire site on it. to migrate to my remote hosting plan I used a plugin called, “Duplicator” This plugin wraps up your entire site, which you then upload to your remote site. After that you install Duplicator on your remote and after you point it at the files, it will do all the work from there. It made migrating my site totally painless.

Overall the 210 is working great, although if you were just going to setup a WordPress install I would recommend something even smaller like a Raspberry Pi.  On mine I’m currently using it as a Minecraft server for the kids, a git repo, and a torrent slave machine. It also runs a few cron jobs on my network.

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